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Psyche - Gamebooks Reborn

Useful Links

Below are some useful Psyche and gamebook related links:

The original Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, republished for all to enjoy.

Similarly it looks like the original Lone Wolf gamebooks are being republished, and now in hardback!

However, by far the most economical approach is to find the books second hand or as new old stock. To that end here are some sample searches below, but bear in mind they may become outdated with time (I will try to keep the links up-to-date).

There is the rare but fun Skyfall gamebook range for mere cents.

Or the heavily H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu influenced Where the Shadows Stalk and Terrors Out of Time gamebooks for a few pence.

And finally the very traditional roleplaying of Tunnels and Trolls for very little.

P.S. Check out my Call of Cthulhu Scenario, Five Go Mad in Egypt here.