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Psyche - Gamebooks Reborn

Psyche is a game for two to four players which aims to recycle all those old gamebooks stuffed into lofts or under table legs across the world. The game itself is co-operative as the players work together to operate the mind of the book's protagonist. Each player must embody one of the "Ways of Knowing", or psychological functions of the mind - Reason, Emotion, Perception and Language. They will also be assigned various "Areas of Knowledge" or skills which they can use, and armed with these tools they must reach a consensus and guide their hero to victory.

So put those heads together and discover if they really are better than one, with Psyche - Gamebooks Reborn.


The Psyche rule book is thirty pages long, printed in colour on high quality 100 gsm paper, and thermally bound within a clear plastic cover. The rule book contains the rules, a sample adventure and the various game cards required for the game. The rules take up roughly half the book, the sample adventure roughly the other half whilst the cards pages are printed single sided at the end so they could be removed and used, or photocopied if you wish to preserve the book in pristine condition.

The sample adventure is not intended to replace an actual gamebook; it would probably take about 20 to 30 minutes to play if you did decide to however. Psyche is intended to make use of gamebooks you already own, but if you have none these are available for mere pennies from online book-stores and auction sites. Check out the Links page for useful gamebook sites. You would also need to provide whatever materials the gamebook you are playing demands - dice, pencils, paper etc.

There are two main groups most likely to enjoy and get the most from this game.

The first group are those who enjoy games generally or enjoy role playing games or who enjoyed or still enjoy gamebooks.

The second group are Teachers and Students of Theory of Knowledge, looking for a fun and innovative way of exploring ideas through the various ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. This game should provide an excellent forum for heated arguments and debates, as well as an opportunity to approach problems for a variety of complementary and often conflicting perspectives.