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Doctor Who : A Universe of Terrors

In the ongoing series of Short Trips anthologies published by Big Finish, Alex takes the time-traveller to confront his worst nightmares in The Fear.

"It shows the finest Doctor at his finest... probably the most passionate statement of why the Doctor is a hero in a long while." – John Seavey – Gallifrey One

Doctor Who : Life Science

The Doctor must come to terms with the final chapter of the universe itself in the short story The End.

"... it's well written, and reads well..." – Lawrence Conquest – Gallifrey One

Doctor Who : 2040

Britain's media has fallen into the hands of one man but is this control extent of his desires? The Doctor is joined by a government agent as he is caught up in a deadly pursuit of the truth inThe Baron Wastes.

"The Baron Wastes is a terrific yarn..." – Richard McGinlay – Sci–fi Online

"... a light–hearted comicbook style adventure in which the Fourth Doctor (hooray – a recognisable incarnation!)..." – Lawrence Conquest – Gallifrey One

Five Go Mad In Egypt H. P. Lovecraft inspired Call of Chthulhu adventure set in the twenties published by Chaosium.